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Announcement: We have big news!

This year is a huge year for Tiberium.

I would personally like to thank Tiberium’s customers, partners, and colleagues who have supported the vision. You have put your cyber defence trust in us, and for that, we are humbled. We are growing fast, the year ahead will be like no other in my life.

Building trust takes time, and nothing establishes it faster than shared experiences working through an incident or rolling out cutting-edge services and problem-solving together. Over the past 15 years in this ever-evolving sector, I have seen vendors who have risen to be leaders by being honest, transparent, and sharing their expertise, and companies that have built respect, loyalty and success by doing the same. This is the foundation of Tiberium and the values we bring to the MSSP market.

We have already started to build that trust together, and we will be looking to do more of this in 2021. One way to do so is to be open about our business, successes, challenges, and lessons learned. We are already doing this for our customers and will continue to do so.

I have been very clear about my vision for what we are trying to achieve here at Tiberium. We take our extreme real-world knowledge and apply it to deliver cybersecurity outcomes. We know what a Security Operations Centre should be and what an MSSP service should provide. We know this because I have worked with some of the best cybersecurity practitioners in the world, and we bring that cybersecurity expertise to our customers. Yes, I am a hacker, the Hacker CEO.

Having built, managed, and monitored outputs from SOC’s throughout my career, I have seen the full spectrum of good and bad. Mostly, limitations and scale issues from technical solutions requiring heavy operational overheads and expensive human resources, or an army of day rate contractors to maintain and keep up with attackers’ tactics and techniques. Or entirely useless MSSP’s flooding customers with meaningless alerts and “distant” services where you interact via email and PDF reports. What is the point if they are not there to react and respond effectively at a critical time? E.g. During an incident.

That model is dead.

We are Tiberium. We solve this problem with cloud-native technology and automation.

I have not been alone in this journey and am excited to announce that we have had new Board members join Tiberium who bring significant expertise to grow and scale our business. With our powers combined, we are an unstoppable force.

In 2021, we will deliver new services to protect your businesses and customers, giving you better visibility into the threats you face using expert automation.

So, for 2021, I want to challenge you, our partners, customers, and friends to work with us, to share your experiences, and continue your cyber defence efforts. We will work extremely hard to maintain your trust, and with your help, we will take Tiberium to a whole new level. Thank you for your support, and I wish you a very happy new year!

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