Drew Perry - Chief Executive Officer

DearCry Automated Action

Follow on from our last blog post, where we covered off proof of concept code for the HAFNIUM linked Exchange server intrusions. We are now diving deeper into DearCry, a new strain of ransomware that several threat actor groups are deploying.



Announcing Tiberium FROST and MYTHIC, two new MSSP services from the Tiberium Cyber Defence Centre. Our services are built to deliver cyber security outcomes. To get you up and running we have created an onboarding bot to guide you through the process, it is fast. At the end of the first day using our service, … Read more


Announcement: We have big news!

This year is a huge year for Tiberium. I would personally like to thank Tiberium’s customers, partners, and colleagues who have supported the vision. You have put your cyber defence trust in us, and for that, we are humbled. We are growing fast, the year ahead will be like no other in my life. Building … Read more


To open source or not to open source

This is one of the most controversial topics in technology – if free open source software is “better” than paid and maintained software. This is a big topic for discussion, but I only want to focus on the security element between Windows/Linux/OS X and iOS/Android. In 2015 I worked for an Apple Premium Reseller, and … Read more


An introduction to Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gathering

Welcome to the monthly Tiberium Attack Surface spotlight! Each month we will be deep diving on specific topics in this area and most importantly, it will be on what you want to see! (voting via Tiberium Linkedin page). You can jump straight in with a private demo by getting in touch here. So without further … Read more


Cyber Attackers: Are they are coming for the SME’s?

When exactly did cyber-attacks become part of normal everyday life? I don’t think that there is an exact answer to that question. The main stream media only focus on attacks involving large household brands and they don’t really ever report on smaller companies, which in makes them a much easier target for hackers, and when … Read more


Microsoft Inspire 2020 – Round Up

The annual Microsoft Inspire conference kicked off earlier this week, but this time not in Las Vegas but 100% digital. Quite fitting for a cloud-native company with a solid security stack. As a Microsoft partner we engaged in a number of thought provoking conversations with attendees from across the planet. Our main highlight was the … Read more


The New Normal – Webinar

Vanessa Jaeger Chaired an enlightening Cyber Security webinar this month – ‘THE NEW NORMAL’ Tim Vincent CEO of Observer Solutions refereed hacker Drew Perry (Tiberium) versus CISO (Benedict Olaoya) in a boxing match simulation of what happens at the front line of cyber warfare everyday. Benedict set out his defensive stall to a high standard … Read more