Kevin Whelan - Chief Research Officer


Every month, security professionals the World over pucker up and through their collective fingers and accompanied sharp intakes of breath, review the critical (and less so) vulnerabilities that Microsoft has patched on the dreaded ‘Patch Tuesday’. Barely a month goes by without disturbing news. Recently we have had the ZeroLogin debacle – still under active … Read more


Not so secret source…

As usual, there have been a number of announcements regarding Microsoft vulnerabilities and risks over the last few weeks. This episode however is different than the usual list of critical patched or patchable issues and brings some serious underlying issues to light. In this blog we will endeavour to put the pieces together in order … Read more



Firstly, welcome to the new Tiberium weekly security blog. The purpose of this blog is to inform, generate debate and discussion, highlighting industry trends, solutions and issues. Without being boring. Formalities out of the way, why don’t we get down to business. The great and the good have been talking about ‘borderless’ ‘zero trust’ ‘cloud … Read more