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Blog - Upside Down - Inside out

Upside Down – Inside Out 

Insider Risk – The elephant in the room Along with the stream of dreadful news about the situation in Ukraine, the last few days have seen many reports of serious issues, cancellations, luggage losses together with wailing and gnashing of teeth at the UK’s flagship airline British Airways.  Hot on the heels of the UK … Read more

Games without frontiers

Games without Frontiers

Be prepared for aggressive ransomware What a couple of weeks of astonishing news we have had. Storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin struck the UK with some considerable force causing serious travel, power and associated infrastructure issues – four days of power outages for many people in the sticks, withering out even a new Apple Mac … Read more


Snack Attack 

The world has gone nuts  Taking over today’s mainstream headlines is the forthcoming shortage of KP Snack foods including Hula Hoops, McCoys, Peanuts (Salted or Dry Roasted, alas not Jungle Fresh like Golden Wonder back in the day) and possibly to save you time even the King of nuts, Cashews.  By way of a small … Read more

Blog - Paradise by the dashboard light

Paradise by the dashboard light 

Stop right there  As we trudge through the cold dark days of the end of Winter, many of us are spending increasing amounts of time attached to our devices tinkering. Quite a lot of us are tinkering with Crypto currencies, even with relatively small amounts of investment.   This includes people who may not be as … Read more

Blog - Welcome to the Future

Welcome To The Future 

Learn the lessons of the past   Welcome to our first blog of this year, slightly delayed by the dreaded CV-19. In this missive, we will have a look at what is going on at the start of the year, summarise some of the big-ticket cyber security issues of last year and be bold enough to … Read more

Blog - You'll log

You’ll Log 

Logging around the Christmas week Unless you have been attending too many Christmas lunches, dinners, drinks parties (like our fantastic ‘Friends Of Tiberium’ new office opening event), you will have seen the news that yet another piece of open source code running on Unix servers has been discovered to contain a critical bug which ‘could … Read more

Blog - The Number of The Beast

The Number Of The Beast

777 cyber incidents supported by the UK NCSC in the past 12 months  Last week the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC- part of GCHQ) released its annual review and very interesting reading it makes.  With every passing year, the ‘hands on’ services of the NCSC increasingly support both the public and private sectors, announcing that this … Read more

Blog - Pegasus


No Hippo-cracy evident in WhatsApp versus NSO court case  We have all heard about the infamous Israeli cyber security software company NSO group whose most infamous work is the mobile device spying software Pegasus.  According to NSO, Pegasus software is allegedly only sold to “licensed government intelligence and law enforcement agencies to help them fight terrorism and serious crime,”. … Read more

Blog - Diamond Life - Smooth Operator

Diamond Life – Smooth Operator

Diamonds are a geek’s best friend You will no doubt have heard about the Russian ransomware gang called Conti (or something like that) which has spent the last year ransoming critical national infrastructure and national health services including the Irish Health and Safety Executive (HSE).  Following a meeting between POTUS Biden and Vlad, where it is reported that … Read more