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Announcing Tiberium FROST and MYTHIC, two new MSSP services from the Tiberium Cyber Defence Centre.

FROST – Designed and built with “automate first” principles. FROST minimises your need for new security analysts and tools, and you get full value from your existing security investments.

MYTHIC – Combines the full automated capabilities of FROST with our human analysts and threat hunters.

Cyber Defence Centre - Frost and Mythic

Our services are built to deliver cyber security outcomes. To get you up and running we have created an onboarding bot to guide you through the process, it is fast.

At the end of the first day using our service, we can show you a measurable increase to your Microsoft Security Score, validate your environment’s integrity to determine if threat actors are present, and harden your Microsoft Office 365 configuration to massively reduce phishing risks.

Real collaboration using the worlds first Microsoft Teams based SOC workflow is another one of our game-changers. Either in Hybrid mode or Full, you can interact with our threat hunters, analysts, and accounts team and get real-time responses. No more waiting for emails and tickets to be raised on platforms you have no control over, that is a legacy MSSP approach. Tiberium FROST and MYTHIC services are built for speed and instant response.

Prevent Detect - Immediate Action - React

When a cyber incident occurs, you need immediate response actions.

Our automation bots reduce the need for human analysts and kick in to triage, respond, and if needed, isolate endpoints to stop threats. Incidents are immediately escalated to our threat hunters once an automated investigation has concluded. This is how we protect, detect, and react to incidents occurring in your cloud or on-premise environment.

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