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Microsoft Inspire 2021 – Highlights 

Last week saw the 2021 Microsoft Inspire conference, once more delivered virtually rather than in the decadent halls of Las Vegas. 

Here we present our takeouts from the event in case you missed anything! 

Microsoft Inspire 2021 Opening Keynotes 

Hybrid Workforce  

‘Remote working’ is the new normal and is being redefined by Microsoft as having a Hybrid Workforce. Microsoft is supporting this transition with Zero Trust Framework, Windows 11, Collaborative Applications and integrations between workflow tooling (Teams)and Dynamics 365 to enhance distributed productivity.  

Much was made of the 300 new features added to Teams this year alone. As an Azure Sentinel based MSSP, Tiberium is fully integrated with Microsoft Teams for efficient Alerting, Collaboration and Workflow. 

Microsoft has also attempted to invent a new (tortuous) word for the hybrid world: “phygital” technologies that blend physical and digital experiences (video conferencing rebadged). 

Windows 365 

Launching in August 2021, Windows 365 is a new cloud service offering a streamed PC experience (supporting Windows 10 and the forthcoming Windows 11) on any device. It differentiates from Azure Virtual Desktop in the compute and storage costs do not have to be calculated  Windows 365 and AVD are integrated into Tiberium’s services. 

Frost and Mythic

Zero Trust  

Microsoft pressed its ‘Zero Trust Framework’  as the only acceptable security paradigm for the modern ‘hybrid workforce’.  

Built into all MS365 and Azure products, Zero Trust is based on the following three principles: 

  • Verify explicitly for identity: Use all available data points to authenticate and authorise. 
  • Use least privilege access: Provide “just enough” access to users for their job requirements. 
  • Assume breach with every authorisation and identification: Every request must be verified no matter where it originates. 

Windows 11 to be released in 2021 

Microsoft says Windows 11 is: “Designed for hybrid work, built for collaboration, and is the most productive and secure version of Windows yet.” We are using it at Tiberium and so far love it. 

Trying to solve the paradox in which 73% of employees want flexible remote options but 67% want more in-person work for collaboration, Windows 11 will deliver tools to maximise hybrid work.

Highlights include: 

– New streamlined UI to improve productivity and focus 

– Snap screen layouts for easy organization 

– Deeper integration between OS and productivity apps 

– Blazing fast browsing 

– Easier deployment than Windows 10 

– Most secure Windows yet (TPM 2.0!) 

Microsoft Lighthouse 365 moves to Public Preview 

Azure Lighthouse is already used by Tiberium to manage our multiple customer tenants efficiently and securely, to see it in action simply book a demo with us. Microsoft Lighthouse 365 is focused on companies with Office 365 business premium licenses and we look forward to managing smaller customers via the Microsoft Security Portal without the need for AAD P2. We shall see how this expands in the future. 

Security, Security, Security 

Microsoft is fully committed to building security into all products from the ground up and building a more secure future for all. 

This is supported by the expansion of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association, a coalition of ISV and MSSP members that leverage and integrate Microsoft security tools to deliver better security and protect clients from rapidly growing cyber threats. 

Book a demo!

Watch this space. 

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