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Name and Number

The Third Geneva Convention is relative to prisoners of war; we have all seen the films. Unsurprisingly modified in 1949, it defines humanitarian protections for prisoners.

According to the convention, a prisoner must give the following: surname, first names and rank, date of birth, and army, regimental, personal or serial number. The convention precludes the use of torture to extract further information and is signed and ratified by 196 states, many presumably with fingers crossed.

During World War II, name, rank and number data were forwarded to the International Red Cross, which collated and cross-referenced appropriately. Little surprise then that this data set and its sources were exploited for intelligence purposes. The Germans are obviously most under the spotlight, so to speak. More generally, the Red Cross was an intelligence asset for many during those desperate times, even the Irish.

What on earth does this have to do with a Tiberium Blog, you may well ask?

In 2019, approximately 533 Meeelion Facebook users’ personal data (a subset at least) was lifted by Hackers (mwahaha). Between now and then, it has presumably been on the market in its entirety or just selected individuals or groups.

This week, the whole lot has been published and includes some or all of the following information for, err, 553 Meeelion users, conveniently broken down into country archives; Full names, Facebook IDs, mobile numbers, locations, email addresses, gender, occupation, city, country, marital status broken, account creation date, and other profile detail or subsets thereof.

There is absolutely no need to panic, especially if your details aren’t in the collection, which many of our associates’ appear not to be. However, the ramifications of just your full name and telephone number being out there must be understood. The esteemed Brian Krebs has great advice regarding the breach in general, including testing your status here.

Following this year’s United Kingdom census, complete with Jedi Knight Europeans, Pastafarians (Aye Pastafari) etc., criminal gangs are sending bogus SMS and email messages specific to individuals regarding missing data from their census forms.

The census being legally obligatory, many punters are tricked into pressing the link to avoid the stated fine – The UK Government’s press gang/threat tactics being remarkably similar.

We highly recommend that you advise your nearest and dearest of this wretched scam as soon as you are able. Now would be a good time, as long as you read the rest of this blog after.

At Tiberium, the implications of an inevitably growing mountain of personalised data for sale or just available are apparent. Criminals, armed with this data, will target individuals for the purposes of financial gain, be it extortion  (‘We have your Porn collection), blackmail, straightforward robbery, life-ruining for sale…the list is endless.

Cyber attacks from all sources are mostly a numbers game and highly automated. Unfortunately, detection and response in most businesses, even great big Enterprises, are not and need to catch up.

Tiberium’s FROST service is automatically deployed and starts working within hours, not months, improving your security baseline immediately and automatically remediating attacks.

This is the only way forward. Please let us show you the future.

Leave your name and your number, and we’ll get right back to you. Better us than them.

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