Blog - Upside Down - Inside out

Upside Down – Inside Out 

Insider Risk – The elephant in the room Along with the stream of dreadful news about the situation in Ukraine, the last few days have seen many reports of serious issues, cancellations, luggage losses together with wailing and gnashing of teeth at the UK’s flagship airline British Airways.  Hot on the heels of the UK … Read more

Blog - Paradise by the dashboard light

Paradise by the dashboard light 

Stop right there  As we trudge through the cold dark days of the end of Winter, many of us are spending increasing amounts of time attached to our devices tinkering. Quite a lot of us are tinkering with Crypto currencies, even with relatively small amounts of investment.   This includes people who may not be as … Read more

Blog - Diamond Life - Smooth Operator

Diamond Life – Smooth Operator

Diamonds are a geek’s best friend You will no doubt have heard about the Russian ransomware gang called Conti (or something like that) which has spent the last year ransoming critical national infrastructure and national health services including the Irish Health and Safety Executive (HSE).  Following a meeting between POTUS Biden and Vlad, where it is reported that … Read more

Chain Gang

Chain Gang

Microsoft has identified (more) Nation-State supply chain attacks  We all know about supply chain attacks, the most recent example being the Solarwinds/FireEye debacle in which parties third, outed as the Russian state-sponsored APT-29 group (also called Nobelium) by none other than the FBI and associated American Government departments (they have so many, it’s too confusing).  The long and short of these … Read more

Blog - Everything's gonna be alright

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

At least if you get patching   The start of Autumn is always a quiet time for us Cyber bloggers. Presumably having taken time off over the summer to rest and recuperate on their islands with flip-top Volcano lairs or Yachts with a submarine, plane and another boat inside therm, we think that this must be planning … Read more

Epic - Faith No More

Epic – Faith No More

Domain Name Services – Friend & Foe  Every reader of this blog will know that the Domain Name Service is a program/component/server role (depending on how old you are and how you take your poison) which turns the names for Internet resources like websites, mail servers etc. into their registered IP addresses.  More technical readers … Read more

Jitterbug header


This week we are starting out with something unapologetically geeky, which shows a fresh attitude to platform development at Microsoft and if you are anything like us, has the capability of sending you down a rabbit hole for an afternoon at least.  This week Jonathan Norman, the vulnerability research lead for Microsoft Edge (we are still gruntled … Read more

Zero Trust header

Less Than Zero Trust

In this blog we talk about the concept of ‘Zero Trust’, what it is, why it is important and what it means for you.  Ours is an industry of buzzwords, hype, trend and quite often smoke and mirrors. Technologies come, usually in the form of some niche, initially expensive functionality. They enter the mainstream as the big … Read more

Header China Crisis - Christian

China Crisis – Christian 

This week has been fairly monumental in the somewhat shady world of Cyber Geopolitics. Can we get our heads around any of it? Let us see.   The UK, US and EU have accused China of being the initial party behind attacks on internet facing Microsoft Exchange servers which have affected 30,000 organisations globally.   In January this year, an alleged “Chinese-linked group (aka state … Read more