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Some of the unjustified and truly ancient at Tiberium HQ are so old that they know Morse Code. Several have actually passed tests in it and used it in either fear/anger or from the comfort of their floating Gin Palace.   Seems that Phishing/Hacking gangs or at least one of them have been using (amongst other techniques) none other than Morse Code to … Read more


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Happy New Year from all of us at Tiberium! As we plough headlong into 2021 with chaos everywhere, not least at the UK/European border and in the United States of America (curious isn’t it that the National Security machine of the USA didn’t anticipate a whiff of trouble at The Capitol or elsewhere from disturbed … Read more


An Ill Wind From The East

The week before last we wrote about the announcement from FireEye claiming that a nation-state with ‘top-tier offensive capabilities’ had stolen its stash of ‘Red Team assessment tools’. The announcement raised more questions than it answered, however, we were sure that with the impressive forensic capabilities of the former Mandiant part of FireEye, they would … Read more


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This blog was supposed to be written and posted weeks ago and was originally about the indictment of named Russian GRU officers by the FBI, but we have been crazily busy winning business here at Tiberium Towers, so we humbly apologise for the delay. Now back in the swing of things and having come up … Read more