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Blog - Welcome to the Future

Welcome To The Future 

Learn the lessons of the past   Welcome to our first blog of this year, slightly delayed by the dreaded CV-19. In this missive, we will have a look at what is going on at the start of the year, summarise some of the big-ticket cyber security issues of last year and be bold enough to … Read more

Blog - You'll log

You’ll Log 

Logging around the Christmas week Unless you have been attending too many Christmas lunches, dinners, drinks parties (like our fantastic ‘Friends Of Tiberium’ new office opening event), you will have seen the news that yet another piece of open source code running on Unix servers has been discovered to contain a critical bug which ‘could … Read more

Blog - The Number of The Beast

The Number Of The Beast

777 cyber incidents supported by the UK NCSC in the past 12 months  Last week the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC- part of GCHQ) released its annual review and very interesting reading it makes.  With every passing year, the ‘hands on’ services of the NCSC increasingly support both the public and private sectors, announcing that this … Read more

Blog - Pegasus


No Hippo-cracy evident in WhatsApp versus NSO court case  We have all heard about the infamous Israeli cyber security software company NSO group whose most infamous work is the mobile device spying software Pegasus.  According to NSO, Pegasus software is allegedly only sold to “licensed government intelligence and law enforcement agencies to help them fight terrorism and serious crime,”. … Read more

OMG header


Last week, cloud security outfit Wiz announced what they called a ‘secret agent’ group of vulnerabilities that enable takeover and privilege escalation of Linux servers in the Azure cloud.   These have now collectively been called ‘OMIGOD’ which has a logo. We all know that means serious. This is.  The issue is to do with the automatic installation of a software agent … Read more


Mine’s a Double, Trouble

The Ragnar Locker outfit has been right at it over the last few weeks. We have heard of companies large and small being taken out by their devious and despicable activities in which they obviously encrypt as much of the victim’s shizzle that they can get their filthy little paws on and then use a … Read more


Nothin’ going on but the rent

If you have worked in the Information Technology business for any time, you will recognise a number of repeating patterns. One is the cycle of large central systems (AKA Mainframes), being replaced by distributed devices and file servers, followed by the three-tier web model, now implemented using shared infrastructure (AKA ‘The Cloud’). One has to … Read more


GRU Some

This blog was supposed to be written and posted weeks ago and was originally about the indictment of named Russian GRU officers by the FBI, but we have been crazily busy winning business here at Tiberium Towers, so we humbly apologise for the delay. Now back in the swing of things and having come up … Read more