Cyber Essentials for Charity

The Reality

Like all other businesses charities are not resistant to cyber crime. A threat actor will not look at whether their victim is a financial institution or someone vulnerable if it means accessing funds, assets or potentially impacting reputation.

With the number of donors, volunteers and employees in charities the opportunity to attack not just the external network but the human factor is greater than ever.

The National Cyber Security Centre have published Charity specific guidance for protection against cyber-attacks in response to a frightening number of breaches published and an increase year on year.


Protecting your Charity

Cyber Essentials is a government back scheme that mitigates 80% of external cyber-attacks, although protection from a cyber-attack is never guaranteed, obtaining Cyber Essential will go a long way to protecting your data, assets, employees and funds.


A Special Offer to Charities

To stimulate an uptake in the Charity sector for Cyber Essentials, Tiberium is offering a discount for all UK registered charities. If you work for a registered Charity and would like to receive a discount, click below to contact our team with your registered charity number and we will be in touch with a quote.

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