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Tiberium Attack services comprise multiple services which suit different businesses at different stages in overall security maturity, project status and of course, the threat and risk levels specific to the business, the sector, or more generally.

It is essential to select the correct service for your organisation to maximise and measure the effectiveness of your Security budget investment.

The services are split into the following categories, although there is some overlap. Tiberium will recommend a programme best suited to the task if required.

Traditional Penetration testing – This is a full test of your security posture from an external, internal or combined perspective. Carried out by Tiberium’s assurance team, this process will result in reliable prioritised recommendations for remediating any issues.

Red teaming – If Penetration testing is akin to an assault by an army, Red Teaming is akin to a ‘Special Forces Hacking’ affair using preparation, reconnaissance and stealth, aligned to real threat actors tactics and techniques.

Blue teaming – A Blue Team tries to detect a Red Team attack and either stop it in its tracks or defend the target. The tools and techniques available to the Blue Team will be those currently in place at your organisation, or we can rapidly deploy a detection solution.

Purple teaming – This is where Red and Blue teams work together rather than as adversaries to identify issues in detection rules quickly, including applications, infrastructure, people and processes. If you have an in-house team, Tiberium can augment it to add knowledge and experience. In terms of training your people, purple teaming is very valuable.

Third party penetration tests should be performed by qualified and experienced staff only and are recommended to take place at least once a year by the UK Government


Tiberium will always communicate throughout the process and will explain the results, giving actionable intelligence to help you understand vulnerabilities and priorotise the solutions required to make your business more secure


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