Cyber Readiness

Something will happen. Be prepared through exercising your teams and technology.

Build the confidence that your security capabilities can manage a complex incident or crisis.
  • Incident & Crisis Exercises
  • Attack Simulation
  • Purple Teaming
  • MSSP Assessments
Black Swan events do exist, but our experience has shown there are a lot more that could be anticipated

With our Cyber Readiness service with bring together our experience in cyber defence, attack, and running businesses and IT functions. 

Credibility is key, so we will work with you to establish some realistic scenarios specific to what you do and how you do it. We call them exercises for a reason. They are things to learn from. We will help you uncover gaps, assumptions, breaks in escalation trees and how to manage the pressure of the demands for updates.

Develop Realistic Scenarios
Prepare Crisis Narrative
Run Exercise
Review, reflect and plan improvements

We typically split and exercise in to two phases – some weeks apart. Firstly, we work with technical teams to help explore capabilities in a ‘bottom up’ approach, then with senior management and Boards in a ‘top down’ manner. With these two views we can help you bridge common communications and expectation gaps.

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