Introducing FROST

Designed and built with “automate first” principles. FROST minimises your need for new security analysts and tools.

Does this look like you?


You are concerned about securing your data and reputation


You know there are risks out there but not which ones are real threats to you


You want to focus on your business, not choosing tools and hiring people to run them


You want a service that is going to catch and stop the most common things itself


You want incident information that will mean something to whoever has to deal with it

We can help you if…

Office 365

You use Office 365 now or will do soon


You don’t have on-premise kit to worry about


Your Microsoft estate is pretty much out of the box

Anti Virus

You have a basic Anti Virus product


You don’t have (or want to have) a security team

This is what we can do

Prevent these

& Malware
Missing patches
Unauthorised account access
Unauthorised applications

Detect these

Privileged account escalation
Data exfiltration
Contact with suspicious sites
Suspicious software use
Suspicious user activity

React by

Isolating devices of concern
Stopping active processes
Blocking access to sites
Removing malicious files or emails
Supporting forensic analysis

Inside FROST

Our Onboarding process is fast, really fast!

We can be protecting you in under ten minutes:

Microsoft Logs
Azure Sentinel Workspace
Azure Lighthouse
& DevOps
Tiberium Managed Workspace
Cyber Defence Centre
Your Microsoft Logs
Your Azure Sentinel Workspace

Your data, our configuration

We rapidly onboard your Azure, Microsoft Office 365 & Microsoft Defender. Your automatically deployed Azure Sentinel Workspace captures all the data we need. We harden your cloud & endpoint configurations to best practice.

Azure Lighthouse & DevOps
Tiberium Managed Workspace

Our onboarding process

Using Azure Lighthouse and our DevOps CI/CD pipeline we enable our high fidelity analytics. Our Microsoft Teams integration is set up to enable our context rich interaction.

Cyber Defence Centre
Frost logo

What you get

Next we apply our automation analyst bot and enrich with custom intelligence. You are now protected with FROST.

What the end of Day One can look like

Office 365 and Windows endpoints hardened

Microsoft Defender configured

Advanced phishing protection enabled

High Fidelity Intel feeds active

Log sources onboarded

Tiberium analytics at work

Automated playbooks active

Microsoft Teams Interactive Cards enabled

Reporting dashboards active

A real-life customer first day

Pre-FROST score of 32%
Day 1 increased to 84%​

230 nasty phishing emails blocked from inbox​

15 Security Analytics rules enabled​

Ready to get started?

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