Tiberium Hybrid SOC

Hybrid SOC Service

Tiberium Hybrid SOC is a service that delivers cloud-native cyber detection and response capability for companies looking to improve their cyber maturity with security automation.

Our service enables you to be ready to react in case of a suspected or confirmed cyber incident. With our service in place, you have a trusted partner to detect and respond in the event of a security breach. Our automated approach can significantly decrease response time and reduce the likelihood of a security incident. We focus on evidence of compromise and threat hunting using extremely high fidelity signals, we ENGAGE, RESPOND, and help you RECOVER to prevent repeated incidents.


Native Teams integration with Tiberium ENGAGE, the worlds first collaboration focused SOC service


Native Cloud Workflows

A core component of our service is monitoring your cloud and on premise environment using security analytics and threat hunting. We know SIEM extremely well but understand historical frustrations with false positives and weak “now what” capabilities.

We provide automated playbooks based on Logic Bots with specific security outcomes to limit the need of L1 analysts so our focus is on important human lead tasks such as threat hunting. 

Our transparent Teams or Slack based approach means you can what our analysts are doing, the outcomes and recommendations to prevent repeat incidents, and how proactive threat hunting increases detection rates. Our external risk monitoring feature also reduces your external digital footprint risk and can be used to discover and mitigate vulnerabilities at speed.


• Cloud-native, automate first approach
• Rapid service on boarding within hours
• Analysts working transparently with your existing team
• Microsoft Teams and Power BI native integration


Tiberium SOC & Azure Sentinel

The Tiberium Hybrid SOC service is built to manage the Azure Sentinel platform developed as part our managed security services offering.

Your Incident Response escalation point
Working with your security team, Tiberium ENGAGE is included which is an automated bot built to give your Security Team an instant line to our senior analytics.

Real-time Analyst and CISO reports
Interaction with our service is simple. We have reduced the need for another set of credentials by creating a single sign-on options for viewing dashboards, reports, and service status. Do you use Teams? If so, great! Just add our native Power BI dashboards directly into your Teams channel. No more waiting for a report, you get instant answers.

What Tiberium delivers:
Tiberium will automate your Azure Sentinel deployment and manage it

Azure Sentinel provides free logging of all Office 365, Azure, and Security Center activities which is included as part of this service

Always up to date security analytics based on targeted threat intelligence

We have mastered the art of on-boarding additional log sources for your growing detection needs


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