Why Tiberium?

Three things have come together to make this moment

Genuine Security Outcome Focus​

Everything we do has started with a ‘how does this help fix a real problem’ mentality. There is so much redundant or unused capability in the security space – we don’t waste our time or your money on things that will not deliver demonstrable value. We aren’t an average MSSP and you aren’t an average client.​
While the ideas may have been around for a while, the technology to support an automated, integrated and dependable service haven’t. With Microsoft Sentinel and Microsoft Defender, we can focus on building a service that delivers the outcomes that matter without the suffocating overhead of either ground up development or integrating a ‘bag of bits’. We spend our development time on lightning fast onboarding and our Analysts and Threat Hunters on finding and preventing threat actors in your network.

The tools have matured​

Our 360° experience​

The sum of our years isn’t as important as the sum of our experience. We have bought, consumed, designed, built and run managed security services for a very long time. We know what works and what doesn’t – from both sides of the fence. We use this phrase internally​.

“This is the SOC we always wanted to build”. Never have truer words been spoken. ​

We deliver outcomes

Your investments
The Tiberium difference
Real outcomes
Exposure to fewer threats
Confidence in identifying issues​
Fast targeted response


Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform Silver Security
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Leadership team

Drew Perry

Chief Executive Officer

Drew is the Tiberium founder and Chief Executive Offer. He leads the vision and drives continued technical capabilities and enhancements to Tiberium services. He founded Tiberium with the singular objective to “automate” cyber security operations and to “always do better” than traditional MSSP’s.

His background is highly technical and hands-on, having battled nation-state threat actors, conducted sophisticated red team cyber operations, and worked with teams of cyber defenders worldwide at multiple MSSP’s and Security Operations Centres. He is the Hacker CEO.

Drew invented the “collaboration focused SOC” and has spent the past 17 years building businesses, gaining unique skills that benefit our clients and ensure the Tiberium team is always helping you achieve relevant cyber security outcomes.

Roberto Veiga

Chief Operating Officer

Roberto is responsible for all of Tiberium’s operational activities, ensuring the business executes its plans effectively.  His purpose is to deliver the business targets.

Roberto also has other senior roles, including as a CIO within the medical sector, where he oversees the organisation’s technology and cyber strategy.  Including the building of an integrated platform to facilitate the delivery of clinical outcomes for patients.

Before Tiberium, Roberto was a founder and COO of a leading British MSSP acquired by Private Equity in 2016.  Roberto built and ran the organisation’s Network and Security Operations Centre and the delivery and consultancy teams.  Roberto delivered annualised service revenue of over £10m of Network and Security services to a variety of customers including the organisation responsible for the oversight of global foreign exchange, leading FTSE 100 organisations and SMEs from various sectors including disruptor banks, legal, medical, media, manufacturing, facilities and wealth management. 

Ryan King

Sales Director

Ryan is responsible for delivering revenue growth, sales strategy as well as commercial partnerships with technology vendors and engagements through the channel.

Prior to Tiberium, he has worked in the security space for over 15 years in various leadership, sales, and human capital consulting roles. He has a passion for the industry, demonstrated by volunteer roles on the board of the ISSA-UK and CERIS. He has developed training and engagement conversion programs to take forces leavers, back to work mothers and those on the neurodiverse spectrum to help them into the cyber security industry.

Gareth Lindahl-Wise

Chief Security Advisor

Gareth is responsible for the ensuring our services and offerings keep at the forefront of relevance for our customers – delivering outcomes that matter.

Prior to Tiberium, Gareth has spent many years building security consulting practices to help clients build their maturity in line with their risks. He was delivering Virtual CISO services before the name and approach became popular! He continues to do this at Tiberium, leading the Advisory Services.

With roles in FTSE 10 global enterprises and consulting engagements to high risk 10 employee startups, Gareth has gained a vast breadth of experience and can tailor approaches to make sure they fit for the client.

Gareth is also the Chair of the Information Security Forum – a member based not for profit organisation with over 430 members, many which are Fortune 500 / Forbes 2000 companies.

Kevin Whelan

Chief Research Officer

Kevin is responsible for the investigation, analysis and presentation of technologies, solutions and associated processes to Tiberium’s business and customers.

Before joining Tiberium, Kevin was Chief Technology Officer (and a founder) of a UK MSSP, responsible for the architecture and delivery of managed security services.

With over 30 years experience in security, networking and associated technologies, Kevin is a regular consultant to some of the world’s leading organisations, including Fortune Global 500, FTSE 100, and a consortium of the world’s largest banks.

Kevin was head of global architecture for network and security infrastructure technologies at PwC where he worked for 13 years, successfully delivering large scale projects including the integration of the legacy Price WaterHouse and Coopers&Lybrand networks.

Our initial contact was to undertake a full security maturity assessment to support a new CIO to the business. We were able to quickly identify the gaps to an appropriate minimum and target maturity level – based on the criticality data and services. Our virtual CISO service helped drive the strategy and governance maturity while we assisted with the technical remediation work at a pace that could be managed.​

Our hybrid MYTHIC service was a perfect fit for the client, as they were building a small internal SOC team and saw the value in Tiberium delivering the more advanced capabilities. The use of our native Microsoft Teams integration has won praise, ‘I haven’t seen any other MSSPs doing this’ said the client, and has helped the feeling that we are an extension of their own SOC and have become ‘a trusted part of the team’​.

A customer who has expanded their contract and is in negotiation for a renewal​

We are proud to be the first MSSP this organisation has used. We were able to walk through their business focused requirements and demonstrate how our service could help manage their cyber risk. Being a small organisation with a Microsoft First approach and with a keen eye on reputational risk, FROST was seen as the right fit. The level of automation for incident triage and response really caught our client’s eye as it minimised their requirement for internal resources. The speed of onboarding was a pleasant surprise for them – delivering in minutes rather than their expectation of weeks – as was the additional value we could leverage from their existing Microsoft spend.​

– A new customer​